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Brad and Julie Duncan

Mindset is

Life-Long Learning

Never Stop Learning


Through years of Entrepreneurship, Brad and Julie Duncan have lived through countless quintessential lessons. Whether in work, family, friends, or their adventures, Brad and Julie have grown to embrace the power of learning whenever possible. The constant growth provides endless opportunities for life to present you with something good.


Living To Learn and Love

When Brad and Julie are not focused on building their legacy, they enjoy discovering opportunities to travel outside of their comfort zone. The diversity in surroundings, food, and traditions inspires them to keep learning.

At home, the Duncans thrive when they are focusing on their health and giving back to their community. Testing out new talents helps them keep their spirits high and keep relationships with those important to them interesting.

Our Words

The Duncans have spent a vast majority of their lives practicing what they preach. From staying focused in their work to being grateful for their newest opportunity, they indulge in all that life has to offer. In their travels and experiences, they have accumulated valuable information that they seek to share with all those interested in their philosophy.