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Humble beginnings, adversity, and perseverance has led to an incredible life of significance. A life of helping the broken, the frustrated dreamers, and those that are just sick and tired of “being sick and tired.”

All can accomplish their dreams.

A tragic ski accident dashed his hopes of becoming a downhill race champion. Feeling down on his luck as anyone would in his shoes, Brad decided to take a chance on Seattle, Washington, and the opportunities it promised him.

Needless to say, these thoughts were invigorating and intoxicating; he was hooked from the get-go. Brad stayed up all night contemplating the idea of going into business for himself. But, just as any savvy business owner will tell you, “It takes money to make money.”

Thus, Brad made the prudent decision to work at a job he didn’t quite love—in construction—to accrue capital for his bright future of entrepreneuring. Seemingly miraculously, by the time he was twenty-three, Brad was able to retire from construction. Of course, unbeknownst to most people in his life, he had been all the while tirelessly building his own business at night after slaving away all day, every day.

Today they would tell you that those sleepless nights were worth it. All of the struggle and the strife, the barely putting their head down on the pillow, everything they sacrificed came together to weave their dream life into a fantastic reality.

Julie and Brad have always shared the same hopes and dreams, from the time they were struggling and striving twenty-three-year-olds to this very day. They love each other dearly, but what truly sustains them is commitment—to each other, to their children, and to their joint goals.

Without that commitment, they would be unmoored, two ships floating out to sea. Julie lovingly calls Brad her “rock,” but the truth is they’re really two peas in a pod.

Beyond their business and commitment to their family life, Brad and Julie love to serve others. They love to lift them up and help them achieve their dreams. Their truest joy comes from helping their children and their fellow life-travellers find their paths, reach their goals, and enjoy life to the fullest.

If you’ve ever been downtrodden, down on your luck, or just plain down, Brad and Julie Duncan know how you feel. They have been there, and they have pulled themselves out of it, and know you can make your own way out, too.

“You don’t just make a masterpiece. You first work tirelessly towards becoming a master, and then what you create moving forward is a masterpiece.”