3 Creative Fundraising Ideas for Your Nonprofit

While it would be nice if the success of your nonprofit depended on the mere passion and dedication you and others have for your cause, the reality of successful organizations largely depends on monetary donations in order for nonprofits to make a true difference. But it’s hard to raise enough money simply by spreading awareness of your cause. That’s why it’s important to think outside the box – specifically when it comes to fundraising. In fact, often times hosting fundraising events that engage and entertain your donors are also some of the best opportunities to raise awareness about your cause. We came up with three of the most successful and creative fundraising ideas guaranteed to bring in more profit and engage your donors for the next time you find yourself at a loss for new and different fundraising ideas.

3 Creative Fundraising Ideas for Your Nonprofit

Fun Runs or Walkathons

These events provide your donors with the chance to get out and get active for a cause that’s important. Not only are fun runs and walkathons entertaining for any age, they also provide an easy way to meet, interact with, and inform your donors on the difference they are making. Entrance or sign-up fees will account for most of the money raised for your cause, but also consider including other smaller fees to increase this amount. Selling t-shirts, refreshments, and other souvenirs are easy, profitable ways to do so.


Hosting any kind of tournament is an easy way to get people talking about and donating to your cause. These tournaments can be anything from a Sunday afternoon golf tournament or a friendly Round Robin tennis tournament to a family night trivia tournament. The options are truly limitless.  A little friendly competition is one of the most popular ways to get other people involved and informed on certain causes, so hosting any kind of tournament is guaranteed to be a hit. And you’ll be surprised with the amount of funding you’ll receive from entrance fees.

Percentage nights

This one can be a bit trickier than the rest because it doesn’t require any sort of entrance fee. Rather, the success of percentage nights largely depends on advertising through social media, flyers, reminders, and word of mouth. But these events can also blow you away with the amount of money they are capable of raising. So look into teaming up with a neighborhood pizza joint or any popular restaurant in your area to donate a percentage of their sales on a certain day to your cause. Most restaurants will be more than willing to do so because it will likely increase their sales as well.

If you happen to be a beginner philanthropist, check out more of our tips for new philanthropists!

Brad and Julie Duncan3 Creative Fundraising Ideas for Your Nonprofit


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    These are such great ideas! Thank you Brad and Julie!

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    Phenomenal ideas!!! Thank you Brad and Julie!

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