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3 Random Acts of Kindness to Show Your Gratitude This Thanksgiving

by | Nov 17, 2017 | Leadership

Amongst the meal preparations, the holiday celebrations, the chaos and all the excitement that comes along with Thanksgiving, it’s easy to forget the reason we celebrate the last Thursday of November every year. When you gather around the table this year, make sure you and your family don’t forget to show your gratitude and give thanks this season. Here are 3 random acts of kindness that can remind us all of the importance of showing gratitude for the blessings in our lives this year.  

Send flowers to a friend in need this year

Holidays are always a bit harder if you’ve recently lost a loved one or undergoing trying or stressful circumstances. So if you know of a friend who might not be as joyful this Thanksgiving, go out of your way to brighten up their day in any way you can. Sending flowers to someone reminds them you are thinking of them and gives them another reason to recognize the blessings in their life.

Check in with an old friend

This time of year is always the busiest between holiday preparations and celebrations. Not to mention, as years go by, life happens, people move away, and things change. But don’t let your hectic schedule become an excuse to lose touch with some of your oldest friends. Even if you haven’t talked in months, pick up the phone and give that friend a call to wish them the warmest and loveliest Thanksgiving this year. Let them know that regardless of how much time has passed, you are still thankful for your friendship and how it has allowed you to grow as a person.

Send thank you notes

With emails and text messages, snail mail has become a bit of a lost art. But bring back the old-fashioned way to show your gratitude by writing out a thoughtful thank you note to anyone in your life who you are thankful for. That’s what the holiday is for after all. Tell your friends you whatever it is you appreciate about them. It can be as simple as letting them know you are thankful they are a part of your life or as specific as thanking them for helping you get through a major period in your life. Whatever you thank them for, make sure your thank you note is genuine and sincere.

Make sure you celebrate Thanksgiving this year by practicing different random acts of kindness to show your gratitude and let others know you are thinking of them this holiday season.