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3 Unpredictable Things Leadership Can Teach You

by | Sep 18, 2017 | Leadership

When you think of the term ‘leadership’ and what it means, what words come to mind? Determination, commitment, discipline, wisdom, values, passion, purpose? All of those sound about right. And it’s true. When you practice and hone your leadership skills you will become more determined, committed, disciplined, and wise. Your values, passion, and purpose will become stronger and more grounded in what you believe. But there are also some things you learn along the way that you wouldn’t expect right off the bat. Here are 3 unpredictable things leadership can teach you.

Leadership can teach you to be interdependent

Traditionally, leadership is all about being a strong, confident, and completely self-reliant person. But surprisingly, the most powerful leaders have learned the importance of interdependence. Being mutually dependent on someone means you have the freedom to learn from each other. True leaders embrace the opportunity to gain insight any chance they can––including from the people they mentor. Through mentoring others, true leaders become a pro at learning from others and creating strong interdependent relationships.

Leadership can teach you to take a step back

Leaders are naturally assertive, go-getter individuals. But the best and most experienced leaders have learned when to take a step back and let the other person or teams of people learn for themselves. When you’re not visibly taking charge of a situation, you are empowering the people you lead to use their resources and develop their own strengths. The best leaders have found a passion in developing the strengths and talents of others.

Leadership can teach you to welcome your failures

While earning a leadership role requires a great deal of success, the path to this success is not without failure along the way. However, not only does true leadership teach you to accept your failures, but it teaches you to become accustomed to it and even welcome it. In fact, failure can become one of the most powerful enablers because true leaders know that it’s what you do with your failures that defines your influence as a leader.

So, yes, being in a leadership position does require a large amount of determination and wisdom. But it also takes so much more than that. The next time you find yourself in a position of influence pay close attention to these 3 unpredictable things leadership can teach you.  

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