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4 Ways To Challenge Yourself This New Year

by | Jan 6, 2021 | Adventure

The thrill of adventure comes from the challenge that goes with it. When you come to think of it, challenge is one word that you can easily interchange with adventure. After all, you cannot call something an adventure if it is not challenging enough. Thus, if you are aiming for more adventures, it simply means looking for more ways to test yourself to the limits.  For a New Year that is filled with exciting quests and pursuits, you may want to come up with new ideas to challenge yourself. The following are some suggestions:

30-day challenge.

Bring a little adventure into your daily life by taking on the challenge of doing or avoiding something that will lead to a better you for one whole month. You can resolve to have a morning exercise session for 30 days. Or vow to avoid alcohol or cigarettes during the challenge period. Everybody knows how hard it is to start a good habit and break bad ones but this challenge may just make it easier because your goal has a clear time frame. After 30 days, it is likely that the challenge will already be a part of your routine.

Do it yourself (DIY) challenge.

The current pandemic has made shopping for our needs a bit complicated because people are advised to stay home as much as possible.  This may mean it will be for your own benefit if you learn to make some things you usually purchase by yourself.  With a wealth of resources available online, you may not find it difficult to look for tutorials or step-by-step guides for making anything from home. 

Save up challenge.

How about a challenge that will jumpstart your journey to financial freedom? You can decide to control your finances instead of the other way around by setting a budget and being wise on your purchases. It is also a great way to start building up your savings.

Learn a new in-demand skill challenge.

Experts are predicting skills that will be in demand in the post covid-19 world. It would then be a wise career move if you make an effort to learn new skills related to online marketing, video editing, robotics, and data analysis. Your decision to widen your knowledge may just open doors of opportunities for you. 

 Adventures do more than add spice to our lives. Constantly seeking for opportunities to try new things also paves the way for learning and self-growth. So set your year off to a good start by bravely taking on a new challenge today.