5 Creative Ways To Encourage Non-Profit Activities In the Workplace

People with generous hearts and altruistic spirits are valuable assets to any company they join. Their initiative and willingness to support a worthy cause demonstrate that they are hardworking and action-oriented individuals. These are surely the traits and attitudes companies are always looking for. From this point of view, you can see how any company will benefit from fostering a spirit of giving in the workplace.

This goal can be challenging as activities associated with altruism can be so typical or predictable that they fail to generate much interest. Most of the time charitable programs only include doing community service, pledging donations or running fundraising campaigns. So how can companies encourage employees to actively participate in philanthropic activities? Incorporating creative techniques can greatly help! Listed below are five creative ways to encourage non-profit activities in the workplace.

Make it a competition.

Games are a great way to snap people out of boredom, especially when it comes to philanthropy. Adding an element of competition in your company’s philanthropic event is likely to garner plenty of interest. You can liven up ways to support causes by turning them into a fun contest between different departments in the organization. For example, the team who can generate the most donations will win a big prize. Aside from helping the company raise more money for donations, this strategy will also inspire people to be creative and innovative. It can also strengthen a team and result in better work relationships between employees.

Include loved ones.

Even if they are passionate about helping others, employees will likely say no to an event that will steal precious time away from their loved ones. A company can eliminate this dilemma by allowing their employees to bring family members during a corporate charity event. This way, instead of thinking of ways on how to avoid an office event, people might instead look forward to it. How nice would it feel to do good deeds together with the people closest to you? This technique is a simple way to make the event more exciting, fun and memorable for everyone. Doing this will also show that your company is family oriented and values work-life balance.

Seek the opinions of your employees.

For altruism to pique the interest of more people, you need to come up with innovative ways of doing it. A good way to generate fresh ideas is by running surveys or asking for suggestions from employees themselves. You may be surprised by the ingenious suggestions you will receive. You can even offer a prize for the best idea. Meanwhile, running a survey will help ensure that the charity or cause you choose appeals to most people in the organization.

Focus on skill enhancement or learning.

Philanthropy is a great avenue to showcase one’s skills or talents and even learn new ones. In a workplace setting, the management can organize events that allow employees to share their special talents with those in need. Another approach is by assigning certain individuals to do things for charity that they don’t usually do in their line of work. For example, a computer programmer can be asked to tutor small children or a graphic designer can shop for food items to give away. This approach takes out the notion that altruism is a boring or dull activity. Moreover, presenting charity as a way for your employees to do the things they enjoy such as painting, singing or teaching will entice more people to participate.

Reward and recognize.

Generosity and altruism are positive concepts that most people want to associate themselves with, making philanthropy plenty rewarding on its own. However, it is still important to offer rewards or recognize people’s efforts in altruism. You want to let your employees know that you are noticing their good deeds. A simple reward or recognition will not only further fuel their generous spirit, it will also encourage other people to follow in their footsteps.

Philanthropy offers tons of benefits for both management and employees. It can boost employee morale, improve a company’s reputation and reduce attrition. To reap all of these benefits and more, a company should be ready to try creative ways to incorporate altruism in the workplace.

Brad and Julie Duncan5 Creative Ways To Encourage Non-Profit Activities In the Workplace

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