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5 Ways To Be Generous Without Spending A Penny

by | Jan 27, 2021 | Philanthropy

For many people, generosity is a way to express their appreciation and affection to others. It is surely fulfilling to see the people we care about happy because of the tokens and gifts we give. To some extent, some people would even measure the depth of one’s love by the amount of the material things they can give. So if you cannot boast about having unlimited funds, you may be quick to accept that you do not have the means to be generous. This mindset is both wrong and unfortunate because there are many ways to be a blessing to others even without spending a lot of money. Here are a few alternatives:

Be generous with your time.

Time is said to be the most valuable resource in the world, so this makes it one of the best gifts you can give. “This implies that generosity isn’t limited by the amount of funds one has. Being available for others during their time of need is a priceless act that can make a tremendous difference.In doing charity works, you can compensate for your lack of funds by devoting time to help an organization fulfill its mission.

Be generous with your attention.

Your physical presence may not matter if your mind is constantly wandering elsewhere.  So if you want to make the bonding session with the people you love count, strive to pay attention at all times. People will appreciate it as your attention is a clear indication that you hold what they’re saying to you in high regard. Being attentive also lets you focus on the moment, allowing you to enjoy it more.

Be generous with praise.

A genuine compliment can go a long way; it can be a source of cheer, hope, and inspiration. So while others are quick to see the flaws or mistakes of others, you may want to be a better person by always choosing to see the good in everyone. Your decision to constantly show admiration for a job well done can motivate someone to keep on improving. Thus, if you notice something noteworthy about a person, do not hesitate to acknowledge it with praise and you may just totally change someone’s life for the better.

Be generous with your wisdom.

Whenever you feel like you have nothing to give, do remember that everybody has a valuable skill or unique experience to share. By simply choosing to share the things you have seen and done, you can already share some wisdom that others can learn from. Your knowledge can empower others, so do not shy away from imparting the lessons you have learned to others. You may be surprised by how much a difference sharing your story with others can make.

Be generous with patience.

Life is unpredictable. And sometimes this unpredictability can come with many inconveniences that could keep us in a constant state of annoyance if we allow them to. Yet doing so may mean that you cannot expect others to be patient with you if ever you do something unpleasant. Since no one is perfect, you may want to be a bit tolerant of others’ mistakes or troubles. This may mean controlling the urge to yell at kids who are being naughty or dismissing the idea to frown on your spouse for failing to do a chore. Still, it is important to know the limits of your patience so that others will not abuse it. In the long run, staying calm and patient even in stressful situations can bring benefits to your overall health and well-being.

Generosity is not measured by how much money you have or how many material things you can provide. If you find it a little hard to believe, just remember that the best things in life are free.