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Brad and Julie Duncan

“Hi, We’re The Duncans”

We always say that success is not about having a plaque on the wall, or a certain type of car parked in your driveway. Success is found in your journey. Our values were established as a way of guiding ourselves to where we want to be—if we stay true to them, success will come. 

Even while working toward our goals, we’ve kept our fun and optimistic outlook at the forefront … we love to make people laugh. This has kept us grounded by reminding us of the importance of never taking life too seriously and being others-focused. 


We believe that much of our success is dependent on our mindset. This is the one thing we have control over no matter what is going on around us. We have learned to harness the power of our thoughts to help us navigate the ebb and flow of life. An example we like to use is replacing a phrase like, “I’m broken and helpless,” with something like, “I’m growing and healing. With simple exercises like this, we believe that it is possible to rewire our brains to give yourselves a more positive viewpoint. 

Lifelong Learning

Life is not meant to be lived in a bubble, which is why we enjoy travelling around the globe. Immersing ourselves in many locations and cultures has exposed us to different ways of life that we may not have experienced otherwise. This has changed our perspective on the world and helped us realize that there is so much more to life than what’s going on in our own backyard.  


We have found that outside circumstances are unable to shake our joy because it is so deeply rooted in our faith. When Brad suffered a ski accident that turned his life upside down, faith is what got him through and helped him find his new passion in entrepreneurship. That single event changed the course of our life. Faith illuminates the pathway in times of darkness and makes us strong in times of weakness.  


We find purpose in making the world a better place by being intentional givers. While we enjoy giving gifts, we strive to share as much of our time, energy, and resources as we can. We also love sharing life experiences and wisdom with our children and anyone else who is coachable. It is not about perfection, but instead doing every task to the best of your ability. This type of giving is what we believe helps people grow and thrive. In doing this, our hope is that we can inspire others to always lead with a servant’s heart.  

We strive for excellence in all areas of our life in hopes that we live in a way that compels and inspires others. Staying grounded in our values helps us to stay focused on what’s important. Remember, it’s not about the destination … it is about the journey and the testimony to encourage others! 

There have been many obstacles and struggles along the way. We choose gratitude. Gratitude acknowledges the good that you have in your life. Your story of overcoming and all you have gone through will become part of someone’s survival guide.