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Are You an Inspirational Leader? 

by | Mar 27, 2023 | Leadership

Most of us are leaders in one way or another. John Maxwell™ says, “Leadership is influence—nothing more, nothing less.” Whether it’s in our personal or professional lives, learning how to become an inspirational leader will not only benefit you but those around you as well. Impacting others is what life is all about! 

However, being someone who “leads people” and being a leader who inspires action are two different things. 

Questions inspirational leaders ask themselves: 

So how do we get on the right track to being that inspirational leader you’ve always wanted to be? Well, instead of providing a list of “to-dos” and resources on “becoming a better leader,” we’re going to focus inward with some self-reflection. 

Here are five questions to ask yourself in the pursuit of motivating and inspiring those around you! 

Are my visions and dreams all about ME? 

A hand reaches out holding a string of twinkling lights with the ocean and a sunset sky in the background.

Let’s start off with a question that will make you really contemplate. How will you inspire your team if your “big dream” is all about YOU?  

There must be more to inspiring them than that. Create a team culture and give those you’re leading a vision that includes making an impact in this world.  

If you can cast a dream that includes THEM, you will ignite a spark within that inspires them to say “YES! I want in!” 

What does my environment look like? 

A “welcome” home décor sign sits on a white table.

If someone walked into your home or office space, how would it make them feel? Would they feel inspired by positive images, encouraging words, and happy people? What about your meeting space? Is it welcoming, positive, and inclusive? 

Our environment says a lot about us, so let’s be intentional with how we cultivate it. Here are ideas on how to create a positive space for yourself and others. 

  • Create a vision or dream board. 
  • Keep your personal growth books visible. 
  • Hang encouraging word wall art. 

The point is, when people walk into your environment, it should feel uplifting and inspire growth. 

Do I continue to show up? 

A man sits in a chair and puts on his brown work shoes.

Inspiring leaders are often responsible and committed to others around them. That mindset is reflected in the decision they make. Would you consider yourself all-in? Do you attend events no matter what? Are you an excuse eliminator and show up to meetings regardless of how you’re feeling? 

If you continue to show up, so will those your hope to inspire. 

Staying involved and committed makes you an inspirational leader because it sets an example and inspires others to be all in. 

Am I a life-long learner? 

A pink mug sits on a pink book along with another book that has the word “knowledge” on the spine of the book.

Motivated leaders are committed to life-long learning and growing. We can’t expect our team to expand their knowledge if we don’t do it first. Not only that, but if we aren’t committed to personal growth and development, we aren’t bringing as much value to those around us. 

The people you’re leading are watching. They likely won’t be inspired to be and do better if their coach/leader/parent/mentor isn’t putting the work in either. 

And learning doesn’t simply apply to brain knowledge. Personal growth is an essential part of expanding our minds. 

If you want to discover more about the benefits of life-long learning and ideas to get you started, check out this blog on continuous learning

Do I have a mentor? 

Blue painter’s tape outlines the shape of an arrow on a yellow brick wall. Within the arrow reads the words, “yeah, that way.”

Every leader needs perspective. It’s a part of being a life-long learner. There will always be someone who’s paved the path before you—whether in life or in business. Having a great mentor will teach you to discover the knowledge you need to be a leader and learn new skill sets. 

Finding a coach isn’t too hard to come by as long as you’ve surrounded yourself with successful, inspiring, and positive people.  

How to be an inspirational leader? Set an example. 

There seems to be a common thread in becoming a motivating leader. Lead by example. Have a vision that’s bigger than yourself, cast the vision, and then do the things that you expect others to do. Seek to inspire action and thrive together! 

There are many qualities of a great leader including confidence. Take a moment to read our blog on “The Five Habits of Confident People,” to learn more! 

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