How to Become a Successful Philanthropist

Helping people in need is both one of the most rewarding and important callings we have in life. But making these philanthropic impacts can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, if you don’t know where to start or how to reach and touch the lives of as many people as you can. Remember these three tips on your journey to becoming a successful philanthropist. And, you will be well on your way to effectively helping and improving the lives of the most people as possible in no time!

Forget about the praise

Remember that the work you are doing and all the efforts you devote to your philanthropic goals are ultimately not for you. Philanthropy exists to serve others, so don’t let the attention, glory, and admiration, that will no doubt come with a successful and effective philanthropy, get in the way of helping others. Keep your focus on your goals and the lives you are improving – that’s what makes everything worth it. All the other stuff that comes with it is just icing on the cake.

Create a sense of urgency

Grow your project by spreading the word. Inform others of the issues you are passionate about – and deliver your messages with importance. Tell them why you believe this particular issue is one worth fighting. Inform them with factual information and specific examples. Do your research and know your facts so you can effectively convince people why they should be passionate about it too.

Use the power of the single story

Use the power of the single story to spread this sense of urgency. Single stories are stories that tell the narrative of just one person.  They give a personal, and sometimes emotional, glimpse into someone else’s reality. They share honest details of what life is like for someone else. By sharing the facts of someone’s story with others, you will not only spread awareness about your cause, but you will also make others care about it as well.

Remain mindful of the danger of the single story

But be wary of using the power of the single story because, just as they can be used to spread awareness and urgency about your cause, they can also be easily manipulated into stereotypes. When telling one story it is almost second nature to assume that everyone else who has had similar life experiences has felt the same way or faced the same challenges. So know a variety of stories and share a balance of them.

At the end of the day, whether you are “successful” or not in philanthropy, is not the main goal. The main goal is serving and blessing others in the way that you have been. As long as you are giving back with a clear mind and a full heart, you need nothing else!

Brad and Julie DuncanHow to Become a Successful Philanthropist


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  • Edgar Alberto Nieto - April 26, 2017 reply

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    Great tips! Thanks so much for sharing, it helps me focus on what is really important and how to make the most impact. Thanks for all you do!

    Barbara Munson - May 11, 2017 reply

    Agree totally–and no one has ever explained it so well to me, either! Now I Understand even Mother Theresa’s UN speech better, especially the ‘one story’ aspect of it. Thanks!

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    I am a big believer of philanthropy . That’s my way of living . ?

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    It is a #LifeGoal of mine! And being a #successfulphilanthropist can start at home! #ParentingWithPurpose

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    Thank you for paving the way! We are excited for philanthropy, and we are excited for an amazing future!

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    Thank you for everything you do in serving wholeheartedly. You guys are such an inspiration and amazing example of grace, perseverance, and leadership.

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  • Robbie - May 11, 2017 reply

    I remember in 6th grade, I learned what the word “philanthropy” meant. I told my 6th grade history teacher that one day, I would be in a history book for being a philanthropist. This article, as well as the two of you and everything you do, is SO inspiring! I love your hearts! Thank you!!

  • Sarah Hissner - May 11, 2017 reply

    I love all of this. It’s exciting to learn about how to best help others.

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    Thank you Brad and Julie for simply doing what others will not. You are the most amazing example, I appreciate you guys.

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    Having the opportunities to give is the greatest gift one can receive. You set beautiful examples more and more, thank you for your generosity!

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    Duncan family is amazing! I appreciate you guys so much!

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    Can’t wait to apply these tubes in my philanthropic work in a few years. Hopefully with family too, like yours!

  • Richard - July 21, 2017 reply

    Thank you so much Brad and Julie for devoting your lives to serving people! You guys are an amazing example of how people could be spending their lives instead of rotting in front of screens and thinking only of themselves. Thank you for the opportunities you continue to provide!

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