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Easy Philanthropic Activities You Can Do Online

by | May 6, 2020 | Philanthropy

Limit your time online – this is a common advice you will hear for someone who wants to be as productive as possible. For many, lounging all day on websites such as Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram is not a good way to describe a day well spent.  Still, no one can deny that the Internet provides a multitude of benefits. In fact, those who know how to use technology smartly can discover a number of ways to use it to their advantage. You can use it for further learning, earn extra income, and even do philanthropic activities. Here are a couple of things to put your screen time to good use:

Volunteer your services.

It is common for organizations engaged in altruistic activities to seek assistance from volunteers. While most needed services require the physical presence of volunteers, there are many tasks as well that people can easily perform online. A non-profit organization may need help from software developers, web designers, or language translators who can render services without the need to visit the actual location of the group.

Make a donation.

The emergence of e-wallets and online payment systems make it easy to make a donation to help fund a cause or a project. The process is usually simple and people can pledge any amount they are willing to share. Just do not forget to be meticulous when choosing an organization to donate to so you will not fall prey to scammers and swindlers. It also pays to be careful when filling personal information and bank details so you will not be a victim of identity theft.  

Do not spread fake news.

The Internet is bursting with useful and inspiring content that is too good not to share. However, since anyone can freely post anything here, it is a sad reality that so many use online platforms to spread false information. These kinds of news are often malicious with the intention of spreading unnecessary fear and panic among people. Your willingness to share valuable information can backtrack if you end up taking part in spreading fake news. Thus before sharing any information you received, take time to check if it comes from a valid and trusted source. The decision to use your social media page responsibly is already a great help to discourage people from pursuing their bad intentions.

Are you feeling a little guilty about aimlessly browsing your social media feed for hours? Take time to remember that the goal is not to shun technology, but to learn how to use it for the greater good. Thus, instead of trying ways to avoid social media, it may be time to find ways to utilize it to be of great help to society.