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Four Rewards You Get From Doing Philanthropy During a Pandemic

by | Philanthropy

True philanthropy is hard work because it compels you to invest time and energy for a specific cause.  It is also a possible reason why not everyone can readily respond to the call of doing charity. As the current pandemic is making the future seem uncertain, you can probably come up with a longer list of reasons why you cannot afford to prioritize philanthropy. However, doing something good for others has always been a worthy and rewarding endeavor. Even during times of crisis, you are unlikely to regret exerting effort to make other’s plight less difficult. Here are some rewards you can get from being selfless and generous:

Gives a sense of purpose.

Life during a pandemic can leave you scared and frustrated. You can fight off these negative emotions by allotting time to be of assistance to others. When you divert your focus on other’s woes, you begin to realize that your problems are not so big. The fulfillment you will get from altruism can also give you a great sense of purpose. As you lessen the feelings of hopelessness and despair, it becomes easy for you to stay optimistic that better days are coming.

Opens room for self-improvement.

As you open yourself to giving more during a crisis, you may find yourself getting more grateful for your own blessings because you see that others are suffering more. It can also make you realize how fragile life is and can thus make you more humble, patient, and kind.  You may not realize it at once, but your acts of generosity are making you a better person.

Promotes relationships.

Taking time to do altruism during a pandemic can give you a closer look at the number of people getting infected and succumbing to the disease. These sad realities can encourage you to be more appreciative of the people you care about. Moreover, spending time on altruism can make you gain more love and respect from your friends and family. These factors can allow you to enjoy happier and meaningful relationships.

Increases your social network.

Networking is especially challenging during this time when going out and holding events are discouraged.  Philanthropy is one awesome solution for this predicament as you are bound to meet new people when you decide to do some charity work. Interaction with others does not always have to be face-to-face because there are many organizations nowadays that seek volunteers to organize a cause through online means. If you prefer to be physically present to do charity work, just make sure that you follow health and safety protocols.

Are you having doubts about doing philanthropy in times of crisis? It may help if you remember that it is always the right time to do something good. You may just be surprised that while doing others a favour, you are actually helping yourself more.