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Four Rules For A Relaxing Staycation

by | Travel

Why do so many people love to travel? If you come to think of it, it is probably the idea that traveling can help you experience total relaxation.  A few days off your usual routines can refresh your mind and re-energize your body. To immerse yourself in a peaceful environment is also an effective way to wash away worries or fears. Since we have been told time and again that there is no place like home, isn’t it possible that the best vacation you can ever have is right in your own nest?

Moreover, with the travel alert still on in many places due to the pandemic, a staycation may just be the best option for many. You may find it absurd that you can have a revitalizing vacation without taking a step outside of your door. But it may not be that far from reality if you keep the following rules in mind while relaxing in your abode:

Do necessary preparations.

Just like what you usually do during actual travel, you need to prepare to make it a success. This includes doing a general cleaning because you will hardly feel comfortable in a messy house. A bit of decluttering and some redecorating can bring the peace and quiet you want. You may also want to do the grocery in advance so you have enough supplies. It is also nice to arrange food deliveries so you do not have to exhaust yourself while satisfying your palate at home. Those with young children may choose to send them off to their grandparents for a few days. If this set-up is not possible, then make the kids part of your vacation by listing fun indoor activities that can put them in an adventure mode.

Set strict limits to gadget use.

With school and offices shifting online, phones and laptops would likely bring tons of reminders about things you need to finish. Make it easier to forget your duties by setting time to unplug your devices. Instead of mindless browsing on the Net, you can indulge in a bubble bath, treat yourself to a home massage, do some yoga, or try some meditation exercises. Since it is difficult to completely get rid of your gadgets these days, you can allow yourself just a few hours to use your devices.

Set limits to outside calls.

You do not want any distraction to ruin your staycation. So aside from limiting your time online, you may also want to restrict any phone calls unless it is an emergency. You can make this easier by informing your network about the staycation you intend to have days before. Send an email or text a reminder to your contacts that you may not be able to answer their calls or concerns.

No negative thoughts/actions.

Set the mood for a happy time by making a conscious effort to stay cheerful and positive. You want to avoid doing or saying anything upsetting. If you are alone, it may mean forgetting about problems for a while or refusing to talk to anyone who may spark anger or sadness. For those with company, remind yourself to be patient and understanding with each other so you do not annoy each other.

The beauty of traveling starts with your mindset. Thus, with the right attitude, you can literally have the best vacation anywhere you may be.