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Four Small Things You Can Do To Support the Country During a Pandemic

by | Philanthropy

The annual Fourth of July celebration is generally a joyous event throughout the country. With colorful  parades, amazing fireworks, and exciting activities, many use this holiday as an opportunity to chill and unwind. It is also a perfect chance to happily bond with friends and family. However, with the current pandemic that the whole world is experiencing, we can all just assume that we will be celebrating Independence Day a bit differently this year. Since we are in the midst of a health crisis, how about finding ways to be of help to the nation? You do not have to do something grand because every effort to help, even if it seems small or insignificant can go a long way in helping the country rise above the COVID-19 pandemic. The following are some suggestions to be patriotic in times of crisis:

Support small businesses and local products.

Quarantine measures are hurting the economy as it forced many businesses, especially the start-ups, to close down. You can lessen the blow of the economic downturn by supporting small businesses that make large contributions to the growth of local communities. Another way to support the nation is by buying locally-made goods and products. In your own little way, you encourage small entrepreneurs to keep on working to survive and beat the crisis. This way, start-ups may not have to resort to laying off employees or filing for bankruptcy.

Keep yourself healthy.

Being a good citizen can be as simple as taking measures to stay fit and healthy.  You want a stronger immune system immune to avoid getting sick and to decrease the chance of getting infected by the highly-contagious virus.  By making sure that you are in the best of health, you help curb the spread of the disease and assist with flattening the curve. Likewise, you are doing yourself a favor and showing your love for the nation.

Follow policies.

The pandemic gives way to new rules that everybody must strictly comply with. You may find it difficult  to follow the new policies that prohibit you from doing things you are accustomed to. However, if you wish to help the nation win the battle against this disease, you must be willing to make a little sacrifice. It is in everyone’s best interest to adhere to the new policies that are currently in place. It is advised that all perform their duty to the country by being a law-abiding citizen.

Donate or volunteer.

If you have the means or time, you can reach out to individuals or organizations that are in need of assistance in this challenging time. You can support fundraising campaigns by making financial donations.  If you are eligible, you can also be a volunteer medical worker to hospitals or centers.  

The Independence Day holiday is coming and even if it is unlikely that there would be large outdoor festivities to look forward to, we can still find ways to commemorate this important day in history in a meaningful way. In the process, you may just realize that patriotism and philanthropy surely go hand in hand.