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Four Things That Giving Back Should Make You Realize

by | Mar 24, 2021 | Philanthropy

Anything positive that you do is bound to make a good impact. Your generosity and selflessness will likely serve as an inspiration and encouragement to others.  However, you cannot keep on making a difference without seeing some change in yourself as well. As you keep on dedicating time and effort to altruistic endeavors, you may notice some changes in your attitude and behavior. If you are sincere about giving help, there will be wonderful changes in the way you view life. Some are the following:

You become more grateful.

Altruism is likely to expose you to things that we often like to avoid or forget about life. These can be poverty, sickness, or abuse.  While it is saddening to come face-to-face with these realities, doing something to alleviate this situation should not give you a negative view of the world. Instead, it should make you realize how blessed you are. As you reach out to help, you learn to count your blessings and appreciate every little thing you have.

You can make a difference.

Giving back can amaze you in many ways. For one, you may be surprised at the big impact that your help, no matter how small it is, can make.  This fact should make you see that philanthropy is an activity that everyone is capable of engaging in. You do not have to be wealthy or privileged because you can always do something to give back. This realization can be a boost of confidence that can empower your life.

You should stay humble.

Allocating time for charity can earn you praises and recognition, so it is alright if you feel proud of what you are doing. Yet as a philosopher, Cicero once said, “The higher we are placed, the more humble we should walk.” This means that you should not allow the pride of being righteous to make you feel superior to others.  Moreover, serving others should make you see that sometimes, even the wealthiest or most accomplished man needs help. This realization should remind you to stay humble. If doing charitable works inflates your ego, then there must be something wrong in the way you do and view philanthropy.

You should feel more carefree.

Knowing how to properly deal with stress is one of the most important skills for people to learn. Fortunately, this is something that philanthropy should teach you. As you learn that there are people who are always willing to extend assistance, you may begin to be less anxious about the future.  It can also be comforting to see that many people are inherently good.

Every good thing you do to others comes back to you a hundredfold – this is one of the most amazing things about philanthropy. Thus, as you keep steadfast in your commitment to helping, you can expect great changes to happen in your life.