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Four Traits a Leader Needs To Withstand Tough Times

by | May 13, 2020 | Leadership

Leaders do not really know what they are signing up for when they accept a position to head a team. Since anything can happen during a leadership term, some may be lucky to enjoy an uneventful period while others may need to go through difficult times. As a leader, it is but natural to wish for smooth and easy times but it is during challenging situations when a leadership skill is truly tested. Moreover, unfortunate times can be seen as great opportunities to exercise and sharpen those skills. So instead of fleeing, hiding, or quitting, people in charge should be more than eager to display valuable traits during uncertain times. By possessing positive traits associated with great leadership, anyone can face any circumstances with confidence. Some of these traits that can help leaders overcome anything are listed below:


Confidence is a key skill to survival but it is also important to acknowledge that sometimes, you simply cannot do everything on your own. It takes humility to accept that extra help from others can make all the difference. This is why leaders should be humble enough to seek assistance when needed. Good leaders understand that humility is not a sign of weakness but a way to acknowledge that other people can also have significant contributions to solve a predicament.


Challenging times are scary because they can present themselves as dead-end situations. For a great leader though, giving up is never the best and only option.This is because by being resourceful, they can manage to think of innovative solutions that can defeat problems. Even on times when everything seems to be falling apart, a leader continues to look at a situation from various angles to come up with alternative ideas that can help a team surpass anything.


More than ever, leaders need the cooperation and support of team members during tough days. However, just like their leader, people in a group can also feel weak, scared, and helpless. This is why during these times; leaders should not forget one of their most important tasks – motivating their team. As leaders strategize ways to beat obstacles, they also strive to keep everyone inspired. One way to do this is by recognizing the efforts of every team member and thanking them for it. This simple gesture of showing gratefulness can keep everyone‘s spirit up during difficult times.

Sense of humor.

Dark days can take a toll on a leader’s mental health as they struggle to keep everything in order amidst chaos. Although it is essential to be serious when tackling problems, no one said it is prohibited to enjoy a good laugh. Leaders need to keep their healthy sense of humor intact so they can still find reasons to smile even in a seemingly hopeless situation. Aside from being an effective stress reliever, it can also make even a grim situation lighter.

We generally do not want to wish for bad things to happen but if ever they do, great leaders respond to them with grit and bravery. They know that leading through tough times is a rare privilege because it is such an honor to be the force that will guide an organization into overcoming any trials.