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Leadership Tips: 5 Ways To Avoid Work-From-Home Burnout

by | Leadership

A joint survey from CNBC and Change Research shows that 42% of respondents across the country are currently working from home. Although working remotely has many advantages, it also comes with its own set of challenges. Leaders who are usually slumped with tasks in a usual work setting are likely to see their workload pile even more. This possibility makes leaders more prone to stress and burnout.  However, if you are a leader who wants to deliver the same (or even exceed) excellent level of productivity and competence while working at home, you would find ways to successfully transition into your new workplace. The following tips can help:

Follow a routine.

Discipline is a major factor if you wish to achieve a work-life balance while doing your job remotely. So even if your work desk is just a few steps away from your bedroom, it is not wise to start and end your tasks for the day whenever you want to. Instead, you can efficiently manage your time between work and home if you stick to a regular routine or follow the same work hours that you used to have. This can also ensure that your work does not eat up all your time so you can still fulfill other duties such as resting and bonding with loved ones.

Spruce up your work space.

It can be difficult to shift into a work mode at home because this is where you usually rest and unwind. You can solve this problem by setting a clear boundary between your work space and living space. Designate one area in your house as your office zone so going here may feel like you are indeed, going to work. It will also help you look forward to working if you make an effort to keep your desk at home neat, organized, and aesthetic.

Take regular breaks.

Working from home can be exhausting, so you have to give yourself regular breaks. Avoid overworking by setting a specific timeline for each task you need to finish. You can also use your break times to reward yourself for a job well done.  These short breaks are likely to recharge you so you are ready and eager to accomplish new tasks.

Watch your diet.

Are you constantly feeling sluggish, jittery, and depressed? These unpleasant conditions that are lowering your chances of doing an excellent job are probably due to unhealthy eating habits. You can treat yourself to food and drinks you love but do so in moderation. Go easy on sweets and caffeine as consuming too much of these have detrimental effects on your wellbeing. You need to be in good physical shape to withstand the tasks of working from home, so load up on energy–giving foods. It is also important to always eat breakfast and to avoid skipping meals.

 Connect with your team.

 Although working from home gives flexibility and convenience, it is definitely far from easy. This makes it necessary to have a reliable support system that can keep you motivated. It is best to seek that support from your people so you can catch up with everyone and at the same time, keep the team spirit burning. Moreover, it is easy to lose sight of your team goals when you are working alone at home so it may be beneficial to allot a regular schedule for virtual meetings.

As a result of the pandemic that we are currently experiencing, many are speculating that the work-from-home set-up is going to be the norm for some time. It is best that we prepare to adjust to this new normal way by adopting healthy and productive work habits.