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New Ways To Start Your Mornings

by | Mar 17, 2021 | Adventure

What is adventure? It may be defined as a bold attempt to try something different and in the process allow you to view things in a new perspective. To see adventure this way means it is something you can apply in every aspect of your life. So how about trying a little adventure by shaking up your morning routine a bit? You do not have to do something drastic, just a slight change from the way you usually start your mornings. You may just be surprised how different your day will turn out with the following suggestions:

Do not reach for your phone.

Blame the growing dependence on smartphones but so many (including you probably) are guilty of this. With almost everything connected to our smartphones today, you may see it essential to start the day by checking your phones. There may be important matters that prompt you to do it but then gadgets can also keep you from appreciating other amazing things in the morning.

So you may want to try doing something else before reaching for your phone. Instead of checking your emails or social media feed, how about starting the day with a short prayer or meditation. It may just set you off in a light and positive mood that can last all day.

Do not rush.

For many of us, mornings are usually hectic. You can probably describe it as getting everything ready for the day in a flash. Though it is possible to squeeze your morning rituals to a few minutes, you will probably feel worn out even before you get to your destination. So how about taking things slow and easy in the morning for a change?

Instead of rushing, you may want to take your time getting dressed and having breakfast so you arrive at your school or office looking more calm and fresh. It may be easier to do this if you wake up a bit earlier than usual and prepare everything you need the night before.

Do not check the news.

It is important to be updated with what is going on around you so it may not be so advisable to skip this all day. But then it probably would not cause too much trouble if you just decide to do something else other than read the news first thing in the morning. This is to avoid running into anything that may negatively affect your day.

Instead of checking the news, how about doing something to make others happy first? You can offer a greeting or a compliment. Volunteer to help someone out or do a good deed. Reaching out to people will brighten your day and may just change someone else’s life for the better.

They say the way you spend your mornings can have a huge impact on your whole day. Thus, it is probably a good idea to try different techniques that can make each of your days awesome and wonderful.