“The greatest joy a mentor can feel, is to watch their student go out and take what they’ve learned, and make the world a better place.”

Brad Duncan is a true leader among leaders. He’s not the imposing or authoritarian kind of leader, though. With his warm demeanor and welcoming smile, he’s exactly the kind of person you’d want to befriend if you saw him walking down the street, arm-in-arm with his beautiful wife, Julie. The confidence he exudes is contagious, as is his laughter.

When he walks up onto the brightly lit stage to give his motivational speeches in front of swaths of thousands upon thousands of people, you’d swear he was just walking into a close friend’s living room to have a quick chat and catch up—that’s the level of comfort and charisma he displays while leading crowds of people to financial freedom.

On a more personal, one-on-one level, Brad and Julie Duncan lead people to fulfill their potentials by mentoring them to greatness. He and Julie both delight in serving others in this way. For the Duncans, mentorship, life coaching, and leadership are all callings that they’re happy to answer with enthusiasm. They feel lucky that they were chosen to be mentored and coached while they were building their business, and they’re glad to pay that same kindness forward to other open-minded individuals who just want to succeed and live their lives debt-free.

In addition to leading others to financial freedom, Brad and Julie aim to lead others to live happy, fulfilled lives that they can be proud of. They believe in building their lives around certain values and principles, and they work hard to help others find their own values to build their lives around.

Brad and Julie Duncan acknowledge now that all of the hard work they put into building his business all of those years ago was absolutely worth it. If he could, he wouldn’t change a thing—except maybe to start down this path toward financial freedom and leadership sooner than age twenty-three. In actuality, though, Brad feels extremely fortunate to have been able to start a business, build it to such an impressive extent, maintain it, and pass on all of the knowledge that he gained in the process to newer business owners. In the years to come, he and Julie hope to continue this great tradition of leading others to success.

Brad and Julie DuncanLeadership