Six Guidelines To Observe When Using Social Media for Philanthropy

Philanthropy may be an age-old practice but that doesn’t mean it has no place in the digital world. Just like other fields such as education and commerce, charitable institutions (and even private individuals with a cause to support) also need to keep up with technological advancements. Indeed, it is not unusual to see fundraising campaigns in your social media feed nowadays. Non-profit organizations are also discovering the benefits of having their own website or social media pages.

Turning to social media to promote an important campaign is undoubtedly a brilliant option. However, responsible philanthropists who wish to see their online advocacy succeed observe rules and practice discipline in their social media activities. The following are some guidelines you should remember to abide by when using social media for philanthropy:

Craft a strategy.  

As a highly effective communication tool, a single post on Facebook or Instagram can possibly go viral in a matter of minutes. However, the success of your online campaign is still not guaranteed, especially if you are clueless about social media management. Increase your chances of seeing positive results by devoting time to study how to  manage a social media page and create an online campaign. With adequate knowledge, you can then start planning wise strategies for your philanthropic causes.

Work on your social media page profile. 

In many ways, social media is like a crowded marketplace. Many things are going on at the same moment. Therefore, you literally have to exert effort to gain people’s attention and trust. Thus, simply having a social media page or an official website is often not enough. You want to offer something that will make your post stand out from the rest and at the same establish your page as a trustworthy one. You can do that by working on your social media profile. Try to erase doubts about your cause by including content in your profile that prove your credibility.

Provide adequate information. 

People who want to support you may get discouraged if you do not provide clear and adequate information about your cause. Be generous instead of stingy when it comes to information because people are naturally curious. Anticipate questions that people would have and make sure to provide answers to your post or profile. To get ideas on what people want to know, you should likewise pay attention to the comments, suggestions, and inquiries that you receive on your page. 

Make it easy to help. 

To ask for help without giving clear instructions and options to people who want to respond is one of the biggest mistakes you can do. Do not make things hard for people by avoiding complex or incomplete instructions. If you are in need of volunteers, you may want to include a sign-up form or list contact details of people they need to get in touch with. For requests for cash donations, it pays to have a several options where people can deposit money.

Express gratitude. 

You want to encourage a habit of giving so do not forget to express how grateful you are for the help you receive. Even if you are doing things online, there are many creative ways to say thank you to the people who went out of their way to respond to your pleas. This practice will not only make people feel good about engaging in philanthropy, it can likewise encourage them to convince others to help.

Help other causes as well.

A non-profit organization should not see any group with the same advocacy as competition. Instead, nonprofits should empower and help each other. Thus, you can also use your social media page to show support to other charities. Sharing and promoting their posts even makes you a better philanthropist because you get to help more.

Today, social media is the best place for people who want to be seen and heard. It is therefore not so surprising why so many spend way too much time online. The good news is that there are many ways to  turn your social media time into meaningful and productive ones. One of that is by using it to support or campaign your chosen cause or charity. Make the most of the digital technology by using social media wisely. 

Brad and Julie DuncanSix Guidelines To Observe When Using Social Media for Philanthropy

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