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Spice Up Your Days With Microadventures

by | Adventure, Travel

The word “adventure” tends to sound massive. Many people associate it with huge challenges, mind-blowing ideas, or scary ventures. Although true to some extent, it can make adventure appear stressful or inaccessible. This common notion is not very useful because although an adventure can indeed have dramatic results, it does not always have to be extraordinary. You can make thrill and excitement a constant part of your life with microadventures.

What is a microadventure?

British writer, Alastair Humphrey, coined the term to describe a type of adventure that does not require too much effort or risks. Though it originally refers to an overnight outdoor adventure, the word now refers to fun and beneficial activities that are not part of your usual routines. With a microadventure, you do not have to buy high-end equipment, purchase costly deals, or book expensive accommodation. Most of the time, all you need is a creative imagination and a willful spirit.

How can microadventures help?

The concept of microadventure is particularly important during the current pandemic when people’s actions and choices are limited. It is because it opens your mind to the idea that you can have a one-of-a-kind experience without visiting far locations or resorting to extreme explorations. Sometimes it can even be done right at your home. It is good to engage in microadventures because it can help keep people’s spirits up as it is a way to beat boredom and anxiety. Here are some cool microadventures you can try with friends or family:

Set up a backyard camp.

Enjoy outdoors safely by transforming your backyard into a camping site. The whole family can spend the night inside a camping tent as you prepare activities such as storytelling, card games, or a scavenger hunt. It can even be as simple as stargazing. You can complete the vibe with a bonfire and even cook food outdoors.

Go on a short road trip adventure.

How about a trip to tourist attractions near your area? The drive there and back would be an adventure in itself. There is no need to book an accommodation because it is just a day trip and everything you might need will have already been packed in your. Once you arrive at your destination, you can take beautiful pictures and even set-up a picnic area.

Go for a walk with a twist.

Even if you are cooped up at home, it is important to stay active and get some sunshine.  Move your body and enjoy the gentle rays of the morning sun by going for a walk first thing in the morning. If this is part of your routine, you can add a twist to it by choosing a new path than the usual route you take. You may end up with pleasant discoveries about your community. If you do not have much time in the morning, a late afternoon walk is always an option.

Adventures in life do not always have to be huge leaps into the unknown. If you know how to appreciate the beauty of the ordinary things, everything becomes an adventure.