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Four Suggestions For a Philanthropists’ Bucket List

by | Aug 26, 2020 | Philanthropy

Nothing is more rewarding than knowing that your actions have made a positive impact on others. So once you experience the joys that come from doing charitable works, do not be surprised if you would start seeking ways to do it again and again. You may even be on the lookout for every opportunity to extend help or assistance to others. This effect is a sign that you are slowly nurturing a giving spirit and becoming a true philanthropist. Since it is such an honor to be one, you may want to take your noble deeds to the next level by creating a bucket list for your philanthropic endeavors. Listed below are some suggestions to include in your list:

Celebrate an important event while doing charity.                                

Since you have grown to love charity, you may just want to make it a part of important occasions in your life such as birthdays or anniversaries. Instead of just focusing on how to make yourself happy during your special day, you can make an effort to let others have a good time. A simple party held in a shelter that houses children or the elderly is a meaningful way to celebrate. You can choose to do this at least once in your life or go on and make it an annual tradition.

Start a fundraising campaign.

Help a charity or cause of your choice with their financial needs by starting a fundraising campaign. You can be creative in organizing your campaign so you can gather more funds that will help an organization fulfill its goals to help as many people as possible. Remember to be transparent with your donors once you reach the target amount you want to donate. It is also a must to update your donors about how the funds have been used to encourage them to give again next time.

Inspire others.                     

Inspire another person to do charity work by being a living testament of the benefits that one can enjoy by being generous and selfless. Be a good role model and share the joy that comes from doing philanthropy by inviting someone to join you in your altruistic activities. You can ask friends, co-workers, family members, and even random strangers. Your efforts to influence others to try philanthropy can expand your network and nurture relationships.

Go international.

There are people in need everywhere so you can eye overseas destinations in your quest to help and serve others.  Even if it is equally fulfilling to help causes based in your local community, it will be a totally different experience to become a part of an outreach mission abroad. So make your bucket list more exciting by aiming to be part of a group or an organization that conducts charity works overseas. You have to deal with a unique situation and culture,  so training and expertise may be required.

Genuine philanthropists make this world a better place because they serve as reminders that goodwill  continues to exist even amidst chaos and hardships. Thus, if you find yourself truly enjoying the act of giving, you can be certain that you are on the right track and that the decision to keep on doing it would likely be to your benefit.