3 Simple Inventions That Made Boating Better

There are countless inventions that have made boating considerably better over the past couple of centuries. Since the motor boat came on the scene in the late 1800’s, things have improved vastly when it comes to hitting the wide open water. There have been major improvements, like GPS and depth finders, but there have also been some pretty spectacular simple inventions that have managed to make boating just that much better.

3 Simple Inventions That Have Made Boating Better

Doggy Boat Ladders

Man’s best friend loves the boat almost as much as you do. But, until this simple invention came along, Fido was relegated to awkwardly splashing and attempting to jump onto the boat. Doggy boat ladders have made it easy for canine companions to gracefully exit the water when they’re done lapping around in the lake.

They’re especially great for overweight pups, dogs with arthritis, and older canine pals. They make it as simple as possible for dogs of all kinds to hop back on the boat without any fuss. People have built ladders onto the sides of boats and docks forever—now dogs can experience that same convenience and luxury.

Waterproof Action Cameras

If you’ve ever wished that you could have captured a great moment while boating, you’ve known the frustration of only having a camera that can’t handle getting wet. Sure, there are waterproof disposable cameras, but what if you want to take a video?

Luckily, there are now waterproof action cameras that have the ability to go with you wherever you choose to adventure. They can even function while being completely immersed in the water. And, if you’re a film buff, you’ll appreciate that most waterproof action cameras now have the functionality to film and display the highest definition video. You’ll never miss another great moment.

Floating Keychains

This simple invention might be the best one of them all. There are few worse things when you’re boating than losing your keys in the water. Before floating keychains were invented, you would be completely out of luck if your keys sank in the deep blue.

These days, there’s no need to panic when your keys fall overboard. Just look for the brightly colored, floating keychain, and be on your merry, ferrying way!

Brad and Julie Duncan3 Simple Inventions That Made Boating Better
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Travel Light: Go Farther and Go Further

Though “farther” and “further” often get used interchangeably, there is a subtle difference. “Farther” refers to physical distances, as in, “I could throw the baseball farther than my brother could.” Whereas, “further” refers to a metaphorical distance, as in, “Success felt further away than ever before.” When it comes to traveling, travel light, both literally and metaphorically. It will help you to travel farther and go further in life.

How to Pack Light to Go Farther

When you’re literally packing to go on a long journey, it may seem necessary to pack a huge bag full of everything you could ever possibly need. You’ll probably feel the urge to overpack in the hopes that you’ll be able to establish the comfort of home wherever you go.

But, all of that preparing and packing only serves to defeat the purpose of traveling. When you pack light, you’re not only able to go farther without the weight of your bags making you sluggish, but you’re also able to go farther in the sense that you’re able to leave your home behind and truly experience the beautiful, transformative discomfort of travel.

How to Travel Light to Go Further

If life is a journey, then ultimately, our experiences are the baggage we bring with us wherever we go. Some people feel downtrodden, weighed down by the heft of the life they’ve led. Others have backaches from toting around particular moments in their lives; they carry the stress of their grudges on their shoulders.

The weight of the world can be lifted from those aching shoulders, thankfully. When you unpack your experiences, get rid of the negative experiences that only add weight and don’t offer any informative value, and you repack that baggage to be considerably lighter, you’ll find that you can go further than ever before. In fact, you may just soar.

How to Unpack at the End of the Journey

Don’t toss out every negative experience you’ve ever had. Many of those horrible things that have happened to you have informed who you are today. Instead of holding onto them as terrible reminders of the past, take a hold of what you learned from those experiences. Fold them up and incorporate those lessons into your pack.

At the end of your journey, unpack your metaphorical—and your literal—bags, and you’ll more than likely find that you’ve picked up a new thing or two along the way, and that alone will be worth the trip.

Brad and Julie DuncanTravel Light: Go Farther and Go Further
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