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Two Clear Signs You’re on the Right Path

by | Nov 1, 2022 | Motivation

Are you questioning whether the path you’re on is right for you? If so, that’s great! Too many people settle for a life that’s much less than the one they’re capable of living, simply because they’re comfortable and never want anything to change. Or maybe you’re loving where you’re at and you’re looking for affirmation that you’re on your way to success. Either way, we’ve got two clear signs that you can use to determine whether the path you’re on is the one that will lead you to success and happiness in your life.  

You’re surrounded by good people. 

Have you ever heard of the Social Proximity Effect? Essentially this means that we turn into our friends. Think about it—we are highly influenced by those we spend the most time around, so much so that we start to act like them over time without ever really noticing. This is why it’s so important to choose your circle wisely.  

Think about the people you hang out with on a regular basis. Are they like-minded individuals who inspire you to do more or are they actually holding you back? The ones you spend the most time around should be the ones you look up to. You should be fiercely supportive of one another and push each other to challenge your limits in order to grow. If this sounds familiar to you, that means you probably have some great people in your life. So yay for you! As actor Wesley Snipes put it, “Your circle should want to see you win. Your circle should clap loudly when you have good news. If not, get a new circle.” 

You’re having fun. 

You’re on the right path when you’re passionate about what you do and you’re having fun doing it, not just at work, but in life. If you feel like it’s too late to change what you’re doing every day, it’s not! This LinkedIn article has some great tips on how you can find your passion at any age to potentially change your life.  

Finding the right path.

Finding your path for your life can take a whole lot of trial and error, honesty with yourself, and determination, but it’s all worth it when you come to the place where you just know you’re meant to be. 

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