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Three Cool Ways To Be An Eco-Traveler

by | Apr 1, 2020 | Travel

Many people who love to travel consider themselves as nature lovers. To see breathtaking sceneries is one of the reasons why they visit and explore various places. Ironically, some travelers satisfy their wanderlust without regard to how their actions and ways can affect the environment. This is why many popular tourist spots in the world either become dirty or damaged.

The Rise of The Green Movement

Fortunately, modern travelers are now realizing the need to travel responsibly.  The growing awareness about the need to do our part in taking care of Mother Earth has given birth to the Green Movement. This movement aims to encourage people to adopt environment-friendly measures to save our world. One product of this movement is the emergence of eco-friendly tourism wherein travelers make choices that can help preserve our world. Here are some things you can do to be an eco-friendly traveler:

Choose closer destinations.

Energy usage is one of the reasons for climate change. Since aircrafts consume massive amounts of energy to run, long flights also hurt the environment. Thus, one thing you can do to lessen the effects of carbon emissions in the air is by choosing destinations that will not require you to book a flight. This will be an easier choice to make if you decide to visit places that are near your area. However, in case you really need to go somewhere far but you are not in a rush or anything, you may want to choose alternative means of transport such as trains or buses.

Opt for green accommodations.

Staying in a hotel is often a luxury so you can expect guests to use up more energy and produce more wastes. You can help ease the problem in waste management and save energy too by choosing to stay in green accommodations instead of hotels. These are lodging facilities that follow and implement ways to use energy efficiently and reduce wastes. If ever you are hesitant about staying in a green hotel, it may help to know that you will be in good company. A 2019 survey by shows that 73% of travelers around the world are choosing to stay in a green accommodation.

Volunteer your services.

You can hit two birds with one stone by nurturing a spirit for volunteerism while fulfilling travel goals. Many organizations involved in environmental projects are always in need of a helping hand. Try to reach out to these groups in the places you wish to visit to know how you can render your services while on a trip or vacation. Some examples include participating in a tree-planting drive or helping out on an urban farm. This option allows you to be up close and personal to the community you are visiting so your trip becomes a more enriching experience.

We travel to see amazing places but if we stubbornly refuse to make smart choices that will be favorable to nature; we may soon run out of great places to go to. So how about giving eco-traveling a try? You would probably feel great to know that as you check off more items on your travel bucket list, you are also increasing your contribution to the healing of Mother Earth.

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