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Three Indoor Activities That Will Make You Feel Like Traveling

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For most of us, traveling is not something we can do on a whim. Some factors such as weather conditions, budget constraints, and government restrictions can abruptly halt or limit our getaway plans. In these situations, people who are passionate about exploring new places may start to feel like they are missing out on a lot. Others may also lose interest or opt to abandon their travel goals altogether. This would be unfortunate because modern technology has made a lot of things possible today- including the opportunity to travel while indoors. It may sound absurd or crazy but advancements in technology can indeed make it happen.  So if you suddenly find yourself dreaming of travel escapades while stuck at home, you may want to give these indoor activities a try:

Join an online field trip.

Are you looking for an indoor activity that is suitable for all ages? An online field excursion is a great suggestion because it can even serve as a way to strengthen family bonds. It is also a great choice for parents who are thinking of ways to educate and entertain their kids at home. Aside from being a safer and cheaper alternative to the real thing, it also offers access to many exciting destinations such as a virtual zoo, an online aquarium, or a virtual farm. Here are online resources you can try:

Monterey Bay Aquarium
Virtual Farm Trips
San Diego Zoo
NASA’s Space Center

Explore a virtual museum.

A trip to a museum is a great way to have a glimpse of the best artworks or unique collections. This is why visiting famous museums around the world is usually included in a travel bucket list. Today, you do not have to spend a fortune by flying around the world to see great museums because it can now be done online. You can enrich your knowledge in history, art, and culture by visiting a virtual museum. Here are some links you can check out:

Google Arts and Culture
500 Museums and Art
Museums Around The World

Play a travel-inspired video game.

Video game fanatics are in for a treat because they can enjoy their favorite pastime and nurture their love for travel. You can do this by engaging in mobile and pc video games that are set on popular tourist attractions. With the great talent of game creators today and the virtual reality technology, you will get to appreciate idyllic places without even leaving your seat. Some games are even set during past eras, so it can even feel like a time-travel experience. Here are some games you can try:

Around the World in 80 Days
Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – The Caribbean

The number of resources available online makes it much easier to enjoy the benefits of travel even while in the comfort of one’s own home. Thus, as a resourceful travel enthusiast, you may be glad to know that there are many ways to satisfy your wanderlusts even when physical travel is not the best option at the moment.