Three International Celebrations to Check Out this Fall

There is no better time to travel than fall. The cool weather makes it a perfect time to attend an outdoor celebration or festival. Fortunately, there are many attractive options to explore all around the globe. Here are three international celebrations you should check out.

1. Epcot Food & Wine Festival
Date: Ends November 23rd
Location: Orlando, Florida 

The Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is an 87 day long celebration of global cuisine. It’s hosted by Walt Disney World and features more than 30 marketplaces that hand out dishes and beverages from places all over the world. The festival pairs food with live music during their “Eat to the Beat” concert series and also offers multiple culinary demonstrations, seminars and presentations.
(For more detailed information on planning a trip to the Epcot Festival, click here.) 

2. Diwali (Festival of Lights)

Date: October 27-30, with the main celebration on October 27th
Location: India, Singapore and other southern countries of Asia

The Diwali Festival is an annual, traditional holiday that celebrates the victory of light (which symbolizes “good”) conquering darkness (or “evil”). Participants clean and decorate their homes and work spaces, and wear their finest clothes in reverence. Diyas (clay lamps) and candles are lit during nighttime, on the day of the new moon. Because this celebration takes place on the darkest day of the month, the display of lights and fireworks that illuminate the night create a breathtaking sight. The festivities sometimes include feasts (especially sweets), gift exchanges, and prayer offerings. Diwali is a cultural and spiritual festival in many faiths but is an official holiday in several countries and can be respectfully observed by those who wish to learn more. 
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3. Thai International Cultural Lantern Festival

Date: November 11-12
Location: Malin Park Chiang Mai

The Thai International Cultural Lantern Festival, also known as Loy Krathong, is the second largest in Thailand. It is celebrated by expressing optimism for the year by ushering in good luck through a special practice. The locals take boat-shaped banana leaves that are decorated with flowers, place a candle inside and send their bad luck floating away in the river. Under the light of the full moon, wearing costumes that are traditional to the region, participants have the chance to experience the beauty of this ceremonial lantern release. Malin Park also boasts; a performance stage where dancers will perform every 30 minutes, free local food, an art zone and a floating market with creative shops. To top off all the fun, Buddhist monks will be on site to lead chanting, meditation and prayer before the peaceful release of the lanterns. 
For more info on tickets, maps, highlights, and the schedule, click here.

From Florida to India, there are exciting ways to enjoy the fall season all around the world.  Experiencing new foods, learning about other cultures, and marveling at the bright lights are all ways to indulge in the festivities during this time of year. Start planning now so you don’t miss out!

Brad and Julie DuncanThree International Celebrations to Check Out this Fall

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