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Three Unique Ways To Be Of Assistance Virtually

by | Philanthropy

Has there ever been a time when you really wanted to lend assistance but were unable to do so because of certain limitations? It may be because of distance if the person you want to help is too far away. Or you cannot find the time due to conflicting schedules. Thankfully, technology is now making it easier for people to give back and help. With the help of gadgets and online channels, it is now possible to touch people’s lives and make a difference. The following are some ways to do that remotely.

Widen someone’s world through virtual photo walks.

For people who are confined to their beds or rooms due to illness, going outdoors to enjoy nature is probably one of the things they terribly miss. You can help make their travel goals a reality through virtual photo walks. This initiative started by John Butterill, a communications professional brings together people with disabilities who wish to explore the outside world and volunteers who are willing to be their virtual guide. If you enjoy the outdoors and wish to share your journey to those who cannot physically do so, signing up to be a virtual guide may be the perfect way you can help.

Console someone through remote counseling.

With the ongoing pandemic, it is no surprise that so many are feeling more distressed and anxious than ever. Since panicking and worrying will unlikely help us get through this crisis, it is important to keep our mental health in check. Sometimes, just having someone to talk to and listen can help someone stay calm and resilient. Thus, if you wish to give sound advice or offer comfort by simply lending an ear, you may want to consider volunteering as a remote counselor.  

Brighten someone’s day with virtual gifts.

Do you agree that one cool way to be instantly happy is by doing something to make others feel good about themselves? This is probably because happiness and kindness are contagious. So if you have the means, you may want to help spread joy by sending virtual gifts. For friends and loved ones, you may surprise them with gifts such as a voucher for an online concert or a gift card they can use to buy things they want. It is also a nice idea to send something such as food or treats to healthcare workers who are working doubly hard during the pandemic. You can also search for organizations that invite people to send virtual gifts to underprivileged children or families.

We have many reasons to believe that people are intrinsically good. It is in our nature to support and console each other. One proof that this is true is our desire to find ways to help and empower one another in every way we can.