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Three Ways to Support a Weary Philanthropist

by | Apr 15, 2020 | Philanthropy

If you are considering philanthropy while envisioning easy and relaxing days, you better think again. Philanthropy, for the most part entails hard work and deep commitment. It is certainly not for the lazy as philanthropists are people who would usually take tasks that others refuse to do. Yet as they try to exert effort to do more than they can, they are likewise susceptible to fatigue or depression. However, this can be prevented with constant support from the community. So if you cannot personally render services to a charitable or civic organization, the next best thing you can do is be a source of encouragement for those that willingly offer time and resources without thinking of getting anything in return. Here are some things you can do to help keep philanthropists inspired:

Express appreciation.

Some people who do volunteer work or engage in charitable projects even get bashed or mocked by others.This type of response may dampen the spirit of even the most eager philanthropists. On the other hand, words expressing gratefulness can encourage even a hesitant one to keep on working. So do not underestimate the power of kind words and actions. Thinking of simple ways to say thank you can significantly boost the morale of people. Sincere philanthropists do not need to hear praise after praise, just a simple assurance that their efforts are appreciated.

Find ways to help.

Groups that are run by volunteers are often eager to welcome new members. Likewise, they usually offer flexible ways on how a group or an individual can send help. You can lighten the workload in an organization by signing up to be a volunteer yourself. More people helping a cause can lower the risk of volunteers suffering from exhaustion or burnout.  You can also start a fund drive to gather money or goods to donate to an organization. Another way to help is by spreading the word about the laudable projects of an organization. This initiative can inspire more people to volunteer as well or offer support to a group.

Be a responsible citizen.

Sometimes, the best thing we can do is simply be a responsible and law-abiding citizen. One example is by following policies about waste management such as recycling or segregating trash. Supporting measures that will benefit the greater good is one way to ensure that you are not adding to the problem. Your willingness to cooperate is already a huge help to the government. You will also encourage volunteers to continue making valuable contributions for the betterment of society,

Our society needs philanthropists because they remind us of things that matter most in life such as kindness and generosity.  They may exhibit heroic deeds but philanthropists are no superheroes. There may be days when they will feel weary and incapable of offering services.  Let us help keep the spirit of philanthropy alive by protecting the welfare and interests of volunteers.