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Tips for New Philanthropists

by | Philanthropy

New to the philanthropy scene? Not to worry, we have some universal tips for new philanthropists. Even if you’ve been in the business of helping others for as long as you can remember, it doesn’t hurt to take a quick refresher course on best practices.

Tips for New Philanthropists

Learn From Those Who Have Come Before You

When you’re first starting out as a new philanthropist, it’s important to recognize that you’re not the first person to pursue this particular corner of philanthropy. No matter how specific the need you’re fulfilling is, there’s a great chance that someone before you has tried to solve the same problem. If not, there’s been someone who’s tried to solve a remarkably similar issue.

Regardless, the best place to start as a new philanthropist is at the very beginning. As commonsensical as that may seem, it’s an undeniable truth. Start by learning from those who have come before you, so you never make their same mistakes, and you can build upon their experiences, rather than reinventing the wheel.

Figure Out How to Define Your Own Impact

That being said, as a new philanthropist, you have to figure out a way to define your own impact. You can build upon the work of those who have come before you, but you must always to remember to make your impact your own.

Philanthropy is one of the best, most positive ways to make your mark on the world. Make sure the message you scrawl out on the sands of time is one of hope.

Seek Only Sustainable Philanthropy

Speaking of the sands of time, consider that every philanthropic act you take will have reverberating consequences that will last long after you’re gone.

When you’re looking for opportunities to do good in the world, be sure that the work you sign up to do is sustainable philanthropy. Sustainable philanthropy is the kind that can continue without your help—or anyone else’s outside help, for that matter.

With regard to sustainable philanthropy, the work you do in other communities, or even in your own community, should be able to be taken over by the people within that community with ease.

The best legacy you can leave is one of having helped others to help themselves.


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