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Tips for Leaders Who Want To Make the Most Out of Virtual Meetings

by | Leadership

The current pandemic has forced many industries to “forced many industries to transition to working from home. This set-up works because with the help of modern technology and latest tools, businesses can still conduct their regular operations with ease. Collaborations, reporting, and discussions are also possible through virtual meetings. But since it is safe to say that not many employees are thrilled with the idea of meetings even in a face-to-face setting, can you expect people to show more interest in a virtual one? Conducting an engaging virtual meeting is indeed an extra challenging task for leaders. This means that leaders should implement tactics that can make online meetings productive. Some of the tips below can help:

Create an agenda.

Make every minute count by having a concrete plan on how the meeting should go. It will help to write down the topics to be discussed and how long you will allot for it. This way, you can reduce wasting time discussing non-important items.

Take care of technicalities.

Remote meetings heavily rely on technology so it pays to ensure that each participant has a fast internet connection and has installed the right apps to join the online session. It is also a good idea to send prior instructions about the software they need to install and information on how to navigate the app. You should also anticipate mishaps that can occur while in a meeting and prepare a plan on how to solve it.

Make participants prepare. 

You can send the agenda to all who will participate in the meeting beforehand so everyone will know what to expect. You can also ask team members to prepare ideas to contribute or questions to ask. This simple method can make the discussion lively and meaningful because everyone will likely have something to say as participants have been given time to study the materials to be discussed.

Make it short.

Almost everyone knows the agony of sitting through a boring meeting. It usually happens in a meeting that drags too long because the facilitators tackle too many topics at once. Prevent your listeners from drifting away by aiming for a short yet productive discussion. it is possible by focusing on just a few important topics and saving other topics for another day.

Good communication is essential for leaders who want to effectively manage a group. This is why it is important to conduct regular meetings to ensure that an organization is running smoothly and to keep up with the progress of each person on the team. Just make sure that every meeting, whether face-to-face or virtual will not be a waste of time.