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Too Scared To Lead? Tips to Help You Accept a Leadership Role With Confidence

by | Mar 10, 2021 | Leadership

Most people would be thrilled to be offered a leadership role. Aside from being a compliment because you are seen as someone competent, it is likewise a validation that you are doing an excellent job. Yet accepting the post also means taking on heavier responsibilities and trying your hand on things you may be unfamiliar or uncomfortable with. Stepping into uncharted waters is clearly a way out of your comfort zone so it is understandable why some people would gladly push away the call for leadership. But then again, turning your back on an opportunity to be the person-in-charge can also mean limiting and refusing your own growth and success. The following reminders may help you muster the confidence to stand up as a leader to a team:

 Remember that leadership is not perfection.

Your hesitation about leadership may stem from your fear of making mistakes. Since you will now be deciding for a group, any wrong judgment you make can badly affect the whole team. Still, leadership does not come with immunity from mistakes. This means that even though you may need to be more careful about your moves, no one can expect you to be perfect or right all the time. The important thing is you know how to learn from your own mistakes. With a mindset that sees mistakes as catalysts for growth, you will only keep on improving your leadership style.

Remember that you are not alone.

The multitude of tasks waiting once you take on the leadership post can indeed look overwhelmingly scary. Yet who says you have to do everything by yourself? Do not forget that your job is not to finish all the tasks by yourself but to motivate every person in your group to contribute their best effort. Knowing the capabilities of each person in your team will not only be a way to empower everyone, it will also alleviate your fear of leading.

Remember that growth requires a challenge.

Some people refuse to lead because they have become too content in their current role. Taking on a new position will mean another adjustment period that may just be too difficult. However, sticking to the same post you have had for years can also mean putting your career in a stagnant mode. Remember that to keep on learning and growing, you need to continue to challenge yourself. Leadership roles are a great way to further test your capabilities and hone your skills. So instead of seeing it as a more difficult role, you may want to see it as a role that will open doors of opportunities for you.

Saying no to a leadership role may make you heave a sigh of relief but it might also leave you with a series of ‘what ifs. Thus, instead of refusing the role outright, you may want to be brave enough to try and see how you would fare as a leader.

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