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How to Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

by | May 5, 2023 | Adventure, Travel

We love to travel, but some seasons of life are meant to be spent in our own backyard.  Sometimes we forget that we live in the cities or communities we do for a reason. No matter what drew you to your current location, make a point to explore it like a tourist every now and then. You might be surprised at how much fun it can be to be a tourist in your own town.  

Here are a few ways to staycation in your city. 

Eat at a well-known tourist stop. 

It’s likely that your city is home to at least one famous eatery. You might go there often, or maybe you generally try to avoid it since it’s such an attraction. But if you’re truly going to play the role of a tourist, make sure you eat like one. This means going all-in and ordering the dish that the restaurant is known for, even if it’s not something you would usually get. 

This is a win-win situation because you’ll be supporting a local business that you might not have visited otherwise. Helping the businesses in your area is always something you can feel good about (along with eating some great food, of course). 

Yelp™ always has some great ideas if you’re looking for the most popular restaurants in your area. 

Take lots of pictures.  

What’s the number-one way to spot a tourist? They’re probably the one with a camera around their neck, or with their phone constantly out taking photos. 

You may feel like you already know your city like the back of your hand, but when was the last time you explored it through the lens of your camera? Spend the day taking photos of different attractions, and you might find that you’ve forgotten just how beautiful the scenery around you really is. Plus, it’s a great way to connect with others and, maybe, make new friends. 

Here’s an ultimate guide to taking breathtaking photos of your city. You could even try putting together a photo album of your adventures to keep as a reminder of how stunning your city really is. 

Book a “staycation.” 

If you really want to get the full tourist experience, consider booking a staycation at a hotel in your city. It doesn’t matter if that means staying somewhere that’s only 5 minutes away from your house … it’s important to disconnect every now and then, and this is a great way to do it.  

We would always encourage you to live within a budget, so make your trip more cost-effective by only staying one night. Keep in mind that weekends tend to be the most expensive days to book hotels, so try staying midweek or on a Sunday night. Be sure to keep an eye out for deals as well. Sometimes, when you’re booking closer to the night of your stay, hotel rooms are cheaper. 

Create adventure!

We are constantly making travel plans, dreaming of far-off places. We’ve got magic in our own town! Tourists may come from all over to visit your city, so why not take advantage of what you already have? Have fun and create an adventure