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Travel Light: Go Farther and Go Further

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Though “farther” and “further” often get used interchangeably, there is a subtle difference. “Farther” refers to physical distances, as in, “I could throw the baseball farther than my brother could.” Whereas, “further” refers to a metaphorical distance, as in, “Success felt further away than ever before.” When it comes to traveling, travel light, both literally and metaphorically. It will help you to travel farther and go further in life.

How to Pack Light to Go Farther

When you’re literally packing to go on a long journey, it may seem necessary to pack a huge bag full of everything you could ever possibly need. You’ll probably feel the urge to overpack in the hopes that you’ll be able to establish the comfort of home wherever you go.

But, all of that preparing and packing only serves to defeat the purpose of traveling. When you pack light, you’re not only able to go farther without the weight of your bags making you sluggish, but you’re also able to go farther in the sense that you’re able to leave your home behind and truly experience the beautiful, transformative discomfort of travel.

How to Travel Light to Go Further

If life is a journey, then ultimately, our experiences are the baggage we bring with us wherever we go. Some people feel downtrodden, weighed down by the heft of the life they’ve led. Others have backaches from toting around particular moments in their lives; they carry the stress of their grudges on their shoulders.

The weight of the world can be lifted from those aching shoulders, thankfully. When you unpack your experiences, get rid of the negative experiences that only add weight and don’t offer any informative value, and you repack that baggage to be considerably lighter, you’ll find that you can go further than ever before. In fact, you may just soar.

How to Unpack at the End of the Journey

Don’t toss out every negative experience you’ve ever had. Many of those horrible things that have happened to you have informed who you are today. Instead of holding onto them as terrible reminders of the past, take a hold of what you learned from those experiences. Fold them up and incorporate those lessons into your pack.

At the end of your journey, unpack your metaphorical—and your literal—bags, and you’ll more than likely find that you’ve picked up a new thing or two along the way, and that alone will be worth the trip.


  1. Dillion Porter

    This message is great! Leaving behind the baggages of life can be hard to do; but it is something that is cementing my feet, though I want them to run. This message speaks volumes to my heart to let go of what I no longer have and worry about what is out of my control.

  2. Chief Dubs

    This article is so apropos. And finding a special person to travel with can lighten the load even further and let you travel farther. I’ve recently read a quote that says: “Everyone comes with baggage. Find someone who loves you enough to help you unpack.” Thank you for sharing this article.

  3. Michael Shearer

    So good and so true! Thanks for sharing Brad and Julie.

  4. Rachelle Curley

    I love this analogy. ?

  5. Candice Cox

    Wow! Great analogy for life! Great post! ?

    • Cathy Gonzalez

      I agree!

  6. Debbie Burger

    I love to travel. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Melinda Peets

    Hi Brad and Julie!! Thanks for developing this fantastic and informative website for people to learn more about what you do and represent!
    This travel article is soo apropos. World travel to see and experience how the rest of the world lives is one of my WHYs.

  8. Gabriel Nordholm Blinderman

    Love the language lesson and more importantly the travel vision!

  9. Mark Robinson

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  11. Melanie Gibbens

    Thank you for this post! In my journey called life the past year, I have been able to let go and unpack the baggage of moments that kept me stuck in life and I can not believe how much more light I am physically and emotionally! Thank you for your amazing examples!!!

  12. Stephanie Bloom

    I like how you mentioned that negative experiences build us too. I don’t regret any of the experiences I have had, I just choose to use them my own way. Great read!

  13. Taylor Cundall

    Wow!! Truly inspiring! Love this article.

  14. Tamie Bremer

    Thank you Brad and Julie. Love the analogy. I sure appreciate everything you have done for so many people!

  15. Chas Le Breton

    Excellent lessons! Learning to have grace with and forgive myself has been challenging, but your guidance and encouragement keep me going. Thank you, Brad and Julie!

  16. Norah

    I wish I had known this when I traveled abroad years ago…it would have made it easier to enjoy each experience as it came. (And I wouldn’t have had such a heavy backpack!)

  17. Suphia Anello

    Traveling on a budget has always been a big part of our lives. We are looking forward to a future of freedom and quality travel where we can truly enjoy our company and freedom of choices. We love and appreciate you two!

  18. Peter Frix

    This is a great message, and packed with power for going further when living an aerodynamic life. Thank you.

  19. Thomas Martinez

    Wow! That’s an amazing post! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Greg and Heidi Riddell

    Brother you are the biggest Dreamer I know. You said you would own a Jet and you do. Thank you for paving the way and giving others hope that the dream is still alive with help from Awesome Mentors anything is POSSIBLE. Love you guys!!!

  21. Sara S

    Thank you for your time and effort to help others in so many ways. I appreciate your tips here and in the countless talks you have given to share your experiences and wisdom to assist us all toward our dreams!

  22. Rachel Zwonitzer

    Great insight and wisdom! Thank you for sharing!

  23. Matt & Rebekah Wong

    I literally never knew the difference between further and farther, so thank you for adding value in that way! And also thank you for the emphasis on how important it is to travel light both literally and metaphorically.

  24. Melinda

    Thank you so much for always adding value to our lives. ❤️

  25. Rebecca Rogers

    Wonderful message. Thanks for sharing!

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    Love the message here!

  27. April C

    I really enjoyed reading this, and I can see as you live your lives that you really do take all of the parts of your journey, good and bad, and use them to make the outcome better! Thank you for being such amazing inspirations for us and leading people with example and hope.

  28. Adele

    Anytime I’ve traveled so much anxiety has gone into what to pack and packing as much as I can into the smallest case possible. Brad and Julie, you along with our coaches Dave and Linda were the first ones to tell me I could travel without packing anything… but buying the things I need/want along the way. Amazing perspective coming from the Wealthy and Free.

  29. Tarryn Larsen

    What a fantastic analogy! You and my mentor Fenton are so amazing with analogies! Love you!

  30. Cheryl

    Great dreams ahead! Thanks for the inspiration and being a great example!

  31. Matthew Malcham

    Love! Thank You! Putting these concepts into practice!

  32. Donita

    “The beautiful, transformative discomfort of travel…” ah, yes. I have spent to many years trying to be comfortable on my journey. Time to unload my bag!
    Very well written, thank you for the analogy!

  33. Melinda Richardson

    Awesome article. Thank you!

  34. Olivia

    I’m so beyond ready for an adventure!

  35. Rasheed James

    This is great stuff! There is always so much to learn from Brad and Julie!

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  37. Joe Brooks

    What a great message! Now I can share this with my future wife who will laugh because I’m always the one who packs the most.

  38. David & Sarah beers

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    Love David &Sarah beers

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  42. Nate

    Wow wow wow! What simple wisdom! We recently finished a 2600 mile road trip, and I thought I packed light. However, navigating through Chicago’s Harris airport with two heavy carry on bags was intense. How much easier it would have been travel with the bare essentials, trusting we’d find what we needed along the way. I agree, this is a profound image of living life. Thank you:)

  43. Jared Withrow

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  44. Barbara Munson

    Oh, boy, how true this is! All of my travels are studded with gems from the journey of ‘just being there while I was there’–the good, the bad and the goofy!

  45. Sarah Hissner

    I have never enjoy such a succinct message as this. The concept is so simple, but also so unconsidered by many. I love this. Thank you for the wisdom!:)

  46. Samantha Young

    Wow, these messages are so impactful. I love the idea of traveling (literally and metaphorically) with very little baggage, only bringing what is necessary. Thank you for your wisdom!

  47. Bill W

    Thank you Brad and Julie for all you do to train us on how to be better people.