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Four Travel Mistakes You Should Avoid For A Great Vacation

by | Adventure, Travel

Travel has evolved from needing to hire a professional to handle your cruise or beach vacation, to now being your own personal travel agent. It can be confusing trying to sift through quotes for last minute flight plans, travel tips, and hotel stays. But even the most seasoned tourists sometimes place all their focus on their family’s vacation ideas while completely forgetting to address common travel pitfalls. If you find yourself knee-deep in rental car research, but still haven’t thought about how to truly make the best of your upcoming vacation, keep reading for 4 easy-to-fix mistakes that travelers commit.

Overbooking Your Itinerary

It’s tempting to over-plan when visiting a new place. There are so many things to do and see that you feel there isn’t enough time to get it all done. When given only a few days, hitting all the major landmarks and tourist spots is nearly impossible. Still, we try anyway. We think that visiting every notable site within a city is what makes a trip great. In reality, it’s not. The memories we create are what make it worthwhile. When we choose to prioritize quantity over quality, our hectic schedules can cause rushed visits, stress on the family, and exhausted bodies. Who wants those types of memories? So, instead of placing your focus on how many places you can force into a tight schedule, think about how many places you can realistically enjoy within the day. Plan time for rest breaks, meals, and thorough exploration of your chosen destination. Yes, you may have to forgo a site or two, but look at the bright side- that gives you the perfect excuse to return!

Failing to Bring the Proper Apparel

Different terrain calls for different apparel. Sometimes you think you’ll be able to wing it without purchasing climate specific items, only to get to your destination and learn that you really do need them. Hunting down a local store and making a last minute purchase can be expensive and time-consuming. Skipping the item all together can make for a long, uncomfortable stay. To avoid both scenarios, spend time at home determining which clothes, shoes, and accessories are necessary for the most enjoyable stay. Even if you don’t already have what you need, you’ll at least have the time to search for the best deal.

Visiting During the Wrong Time of Year

Timing is everything. In some areas of the world, the weather can make all the difference in determining if you have the time of your life or a trip you’d rather forget. Even in locations where extreme weather isn’t a concern, you should still consider whether the time of your visit lines up with a major event, concert, or festival there. Nothing’s worse than getting home, only to find out that if you had pushed back your vacation a few weeks, you could’ve attended a famous local celebration. Make sure to do your research prior to booking travel deals and airline tickets.

Taking Too Many Pictures

We live in a digital age where sites like Instagram and Facebook serve as a time capsule and highlight reel of our life’s best moments. Many of us have even invested in expensive cameras to help cast our memories in the best possible light. Consequently, we tend to spend tons of time trying to capture the perfect shot or record an epic video instead of being present in the moment. On vacation, this could mean missing out on the full experience that you traveled such a long way to relish. You have the opportunity to take time to be enveloped by the feelings, smells, and ambiance of your environment. So remember, it’s fine to take a few nice pictures to add to the collection, but don’t let the views seen through the lens replace the unfiltered view through your own eyes.

Organizing a vacation is tedious work. However, enjoying a well-planned trip makes it all worthwhile. When preparing for your next getaway, take a few extra moments to make sure that you’ve avoided these 4 travel oversights.