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Traveling After Pandemic? Things to Expect

by | Adventure, Travel

History shows that large-scale events such as a pandemic can greatly alter people’s way of life. Some changes are absolutely necessary so that it becomes almost impossible for things to go back to the way it used to be. Since the travel industry has been hardly hit by the current COVID-19 crisis, you can just expect to see many changes in the way people move from place to place. It will be somewhat useless to wish for things to go back to normal as the whole world starts adjusting to what is now being called as the age of the new normal. Thus, if you are raring to explore new places once this global health crisis is over, it is best to be prepared. Read on to have an idea about what may just become the new normal in travel:

More procedures to go through.                   

Your itchy feet may need to walk slower as there will likely be more travel procedures to go through. Aside from usual protocols such as checking-in luggage and securing boarding passes, all airline passengers will now have to go through temperature checks. You may also be requested to divulge some information about your health and travel history.

Preference for closer destinations.             

It is not too exciting to go through rigorous procedures before you can be given a travel pass. Since going to destinations that are overseas may have stricter policies,  people may start looking for alternative local destinations So instead of booking international flights you may find yourself discovering interesting places to visit within the country.

Need for travel insurance.

As many were forced to cancel plans because of quarantine measures, people started realizing the value of having something to help you get by when unexpected things happen such as  travel insurance. It can spare you the hassle of asking for refunds during flight cancellations and can also shoulder medical expenses while on transit. So if you would usually forego getting one, you may now start looking at travel insurance more seriously.

Use of protective gears.

You can still travel in fashion but with some add-ons that you can no longer afford to forget such as face masks and face shields. Without these gears that can protect you and others from getting sick, you may not be allowed to board a plane, a ship, or even a bus.

Fewer interactions.

Social distancing is likely to be strictly implemented so you are unlikely to encounter cramped buses or crowded airports. Hotels and other establishments may also impose limits on the number of people that can access their common areas at a time. This means you may see fewer people in buffet areas, gym facilities, and swimming pools. 

New travel policies can evoke various reactions. You may dread it as you miss the old way of traveling or welcome it as you know it will guarantee everyone’s safety. Whatever your reaction is, may you not allow the new normal in travel to dampen or quench your wanderlust.